Autonomous Farming

Earth Rover is a UK precision farming startup setup in partnership with Harper Adams University and the RAL Space Autonomous Systems Group. Earth Rover is developing autonomous farming robots that are based on ExoMars Rover space technology, adapted to carry precision tools and integrate with an intelligent data platform.


Earth Rover has been founded by experienced technology entrepreneurs with world leading skills in robotics, AI, hardware and software development and industrial automation.

Alina Costache

Alina is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant and strategic advisor. She founded Odyssey PR, has a diploma in Global Business from the Saïd Business School at Oxford University and has advised €10bn+ market cap publicly listed companies at board level.

Paul Harter

Paul is an experienced product developer specialising in robotics, software-hardware integration and digital manufacturing. He worked as a research technologist at BBC Research & Development and previously created Digirostrum, Printcraft & Smartdesk.

Sergio​ A. ​Martinez

Sergio is a highly skilled software and hardware engineer specialising in AI and embedded system development. Previously CTO at FlickTek, he was a software architect at Intel and Autonomy, and developed the video recognition systems at Blinkx.

Juan Esteban Paz

Juan is a highly skilled mechatronic engineer with a degree in engineering from Universidad de Piura. Specialising in design, robotics, rovers and industrial automation, Juan recently developed a high volume automated flower harvesting system for Florsani in Ecuador.

Research Partners

Earth Rover has close working relationships with the UK's leading experts in the fields of Autonomous Robotics, Autonomous Farming systems and innovative Organic Farming.

The National Centre for Autonomous Farming at Harper Adams is the UK's leading research centre for robotic and presision farming. We’re collaborating with and advised by: Professor Simon Blackmore, Head of Robotic Agriculture, and Sam Wane, Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics and Robotics.

We’re working with the space engineers at the RAL Space Autonomous Systems Group who designed the ExoMars Rover's autonomous driving systems and originally adapted them for agricultural use, including Aron Kisdi, Senior Space Systems Engineer and Wayne Tubby, Lead Robotics Hardware Engineer.

We're working closely with Pollybell Farms, who are one of the UK's largest organic farmers and one of the leading farms in the UK applying advanced, high technology, sustainable farming methodologies to traditional crop management.


Earth Rover has been funded by Post Urban Ventures and the European Space Agency.

Post Urban Ventures is a UK-based hard tech incubator. They work with universities and entrepreneurs to create science based technology companies.

The European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Harwell helps and funds start-ups and research teams to commercialise space technologies.


We're a UK company based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

G27 Atlas Building
Fermi Avenue
Harwell Campus
Didcot OX11 0QS